Hey Emma, when can i expect my order? 
Hello friend. I try hard to get orders out ASAP but averagely allow about 1 - 2 weeks. International postage can be super slow, so maybe up to 3 - 4 weeks... If you need something sooner, you can send me an email and i will do my best to get it to you ASAP! 

Who makes your products? 
Fine art prints, textile printing & framing are all done here in Melbourne! 
I currently hand sew all my own textile products too. 

Do you do wholesale/trade? 
Yeah of course - all my products are available for this. For wholesale discounts are @ 50% RRP and trade @ 30% RRP. I do have a minimum order of $200. 
Please email me to discuss.

What about consignment? 
I no longer do consignment unfortunately! I am only a little business and it's just too costly and risky (no offence). 

Can you donate a product(s) for my charity/raffle etc? 
Oh man, i get asked so much for donations - and I try really hard to be altruistic; but these days, unless i am involved with the organisation or the cause means something to me, i usually say no... 

Can you help me with framing my artworks? 
I definitely can organise framing for my wholesale/trade customers and also clients who want a custom drawing framed. 
I unfortunately don't currently offer it via my online store. BUT I personally use Forman Picture Framing in Burwood for any framing i need, and they are the only framers i trust with my originals. They are familiar with my work, and are excellent art and design consultants. 
Also, all my art prints are standard paper sizes - so they can fit into most pre-made frames if you can afford to custom frame right away. 

Do you do commissions? 
I do! You can email me to discuss your ideas. Please note, i often have a wait list (as i am only one person) and drawing stuff takes time - but i try very hard to meet everyones deadlines. 
All artworks are drawn on European cotton rag with pigment ink (only the best) and i can work to any size. (Literally, any size). 

Can i buy one of your originals?
Yeah sure! I upload some onto my webstore, or obviously i exhibit them every now and then in which they are available for purchase. If there's one you're interested in, you can get in touch about it - i may not be willing to sell it though! 

I am interested in publishing your work? 
Publishing is a bit political for me and i am very protective of my brand identity. If its for a publication, i am usually pretty cool with that. If you want me to draw you something specific to use for your brand, or illustrate a book, for example, I am happy to produce work for you to fit a brief - you can email me to discuss! 
But my current works are not available for reproduction by a third party. I read contracts very thoroughly (with a lawyer), and if something bothers me or i don't think it aligns with me, i will say no. Sorry! 

Can i visit your studio?! 
Sure thing! I live (well, basically live) inside Commonfolk in Mornington. Please email to organise an appointment. 
I am also happy if you knock on the door/window to come in and say hello. A few times a year, we also have an open studio too, which everyone is welcome to wander through. 

I want to come to one of your exhibitions!! 
Awesome! Thanks so much! I usually post about exhibitions via instagram @emmma.morgan - i will let you know when the next one is!